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[Arkady looks...very tired. Her eyes are sunken and a little glazed, as if she hasn't slept. She has a pair of chickens on the couch with her, both hunkered down drowsy, and a somewhat large basket of eggs on her lap.]

Um...Lady Bertina's been busy lately, and I'm not sure I can eat all of these. Does anyone have a use for eggs?

[private to Touko]
Come down for tea! I've a homework assignment for you.

I do hope Junko has not been giving you more trouble. Giving people trouble seems to be what she does in life.

[Pub Spam]
[Arkady has seemed subdued these last few days, only making appearances during her shifts, and not being social much at all. She goes quietly about her duties in the pub, her usual cheery distractedness gone, but still bent on looking after people as best she can.

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[Sir Bertie Rooster peers down at the camera from where he's towering over its wielder, tilting his head back and forth as he considers his now tiny Mom. Arkady for her part giggles threadily at his confusion, then squeaks,]

Well! Clearly there's only one way to handle this situation!

[There is a faint flash of purple light, and Bertie suddenly calms, and settles down into a roost. The image blurs as Arkady hooks her communicator to her belt, runs over and proceeds to climb the chicken-mountain with little grunts. Once settled gripping his ruff, she gets out the communicator again and shows the view from the rooster's back.]

Onward, my chikken!

[And off he goes, walking out the door (which had been fortunately ajar) and wandering out into the hallway, occasionally letting out a rumbly cluck.]

Touko dear? Are you all right? I'm coming to check on you. 
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(Backdated to Saturday)

 [private to Touko]
Miss Fukawa dear, this is your new Warden checking in on you. I noticed that troubling broadcast earlier and wanted to make certain you were all right.

[spam for pub]
[Arkady is now fussing around with several crockpots' worth of egg nog. She seems determined to fatten everyone up for winter.]

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[Arkady is patching one of her filmy skirts for the umpteenth time, using squares of purple velvet and blue gauze. A fat red hen sleeps on the ratty blue couch next to her.]

Oh hullo! This is Arkady. Is anyone out there today?

[private to Scrad and Charlie]
Are you doing all right? I'm sorry about scattering my marbles all over that conversation.

[pub spam]
[Arkady hums as she putters around filling drink orders. In between, she is working on some new drink formulas. One of them is bubbling furiously and another is a deep ruby. She sniffs them experimentally and then tries the red.]

Not enough lemon.
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[Arkady dances around her living room with the chickens chasing her.]

We've been hit with a wave of cuteness!

[Okay, calm down Arkady. She pauses to catch her breath.]

Right! Time to be a responsible Warden and such.

[Serious face. Really. All right, so it's on the verge of crumbling, but still.]

Right! I need to know who's left with opposable thumbs, we still need to get everyone fed and watered and--rather urgently--let out of their rooms.

Also I need to know who needs out of their rooms. I'll be by presently!

[private to Scrad and Charlie]
Are you all right, lads?

[private to Admiral]
Right! I'm going to need several extra pounds each of fresh raw meat, veg and fruit, three twenty-pound bales of catnip, three bushels of tennis balls, a very large tub of vitamin powder and a two pound tub of wild mealworms. Also please put two large fishtanks into the pub, one salt, one fresh, and stock each with small bait fish.

Yes, I do know how to party.

[spam for deck--threadjack as wanted]
[Arkady, normally a purveyor of intoxicants, doesn't want anyone to have to go without. So, a bit after four PM every day of the Flood, she calmly lugs out an enormous bale of catnip, breaks it open and spreads a nice layer around on the deck near the pub windows, so she can watch the shenanigans. It takes her a while to finish up, and by the time she does the whole area smells of the fresh herb.] 
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 Hello loves! Sorry on the short notice but I had a lot to sort out. Tonight I'll be setting up for movies in the fore lounge on Level 2. We'll be watching a Tim Burton mini marathon. I'll be playing Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, and Corpse Bride. I'll be supplying drinks and munchies. We'll start around nine.  I would love it if someone helped me clean up after.

[Friends filter]
Anyone need anything? 

[private to Mariska]
If you want over for chicken time beforehand, please come tap on my door. I'm sure they'd like to see you.

[private to Scrad and Charlie]
Your game catalog's in. I also asked for a pile of gaming magazines. Pop by when you can. How are you doing?

[spam for Common Room]
Call it whistling in the dark. But she promised Mariska she would do a showing and she aims to keep it, even if there are some bad things going on. Perhaps people will take the opportunity to relax a little.

She sets up the Blu-Ray and sets out a couple of large bowls of popcorn, a snack plate of steak tartare and some glasses of lemonade. Anything else she plans to pop back into the pub for--literally.

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 [Arkady is sitting cheerily on her sofa in her apartment, with a pair of sleepy chickens on her lap.] The air is slightly aswirl with what one can only hope is incense smoke.]

Hello dears. Won't be at the pub today until the night shift, so if you're bored or have need of me come seek me out in my cabin. 

[private to Kay]
Well, I pulled the twins! [She actually sounds cheerfully optimistic about this.] If you have any questions, advice or opinions I'd love to hear them.

[private to Scrad and Charlie]
Hullo lads. I want to catch up with you before we drag file-readings or formalities into this, all right? Please come by my cabin. 

[seperate privates to Tony, Reaver and Franlin]
Are you all right, luv?

[spam for Level 2]
[The door to 2-8 is propped open. Also festooned with teensy Christmas lights. There's a faint smell of incense and...birdiness...coming from within. Arkady putters around humming, feeding her fish and tidying up the place a bit.] 

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 Pub's back open, if anyone needs anything.

[Generous Friends Filter]
Everyone all right, then? I've invented a few new drinks if anyone feels like sampling.

[private to House]
Right. Well, you've had more than enough time to get settled. And now that you're in need of both work and a new dispensation method for your medicine, it is time we talked.

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[Backdated to around mid flood]
[Have an Arkady! She is meditating hard and is completely radiating calm, peace and the sort of spiritually tinged happiness maintaned by someone who has faith that Things Will Eventually Turn Out Right. She doesn't say anything; just sits there being a beacon for people to focus on who are getting too overwhelmed.]

[For those who can see it, her aura is of course mostly light purple, but with a lot of gold (spirituality), orange (happiness) and hope (platinum) shimmering in there.

[Private to Dr. House]
Say the word and I'll set you up in the CES with a tent, a book and some Irish Coffee.
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I'm holding a group meditation on deck this evening after dinner if any of you are interested. 

[incredibly generous friends filter]
Hullo! I have a present for you. You can pick it up in my cabin. It will be a good excuse for me to pour tea into you and talk.

[warden filter]
Perhaps it would be a good idea to open up the pub as soon as people have healed up enough to enjoy it. I'm willing to step behind the bar and help the usual staff mix drinks to handle the extra bodies.

Also: emergency kits. These saved lives in Whitechapel and may do so here. Even with the proper Admiral back, things happen here. People may be trapped in their rooms again. Many of you use variations on the idea already, but wouldn't it make sense to put in an organized effort to supply everyone with one? The basic kit is four gallons of water per person, nonperishable food for a week, some basic bandages, a police whistle and a light source.

[Private to the Admiral]
Please restore Xerxes. Poor little thing. 

Also, if it is not too much trouble, I'd like forty cakes of Lorien Waybread, twenty sturdy four-gallon water containers, and twenty wind-up lanterns. I'm on a mission.

And...well, I don't know if anyone's asked this yet, but are you doing all right, luv?

[Spam for deck]
[Arkady took down all her light strings from the stairwell, changed the batteries, and is now stringing them up on the garden arbors and fences and around the entrances to the greenhouses, humming quietly as she goes. She knows not many people may show up for the meditation, but that isn't the point. The point is that some will show, and need some guidance and comfort. And that is enough. She hums softly and tunelessly as she works.]
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[[OOC: After this.]]

[Infirmary Filter]
[Arkady sounds very tired and very worried.]

Mozenrath is in trouble. He has a series of bad bites and one is still bleeding. He's lost a lot and standing is right out for him right now. I can get us to you or you to him, your call, but moving him is a bit tricky right now. 

We've put pressure on the wound and I'm going to keep him awake and try and get him to drink something. But time's essential in this case. Please help if you at all can.

[OOC: This message will repeat every five minutes until someone offers help or Mozenrath bleeds out. Right now it has been going for a while.]
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Well, it looks like the Admiral has gone poo all over my tailgate party idea, unless we really can make the CES into a parking lot with a stadium viewer. Does anyone have any other good group party ideas? I suggest we do it before whatever it is creeps into the CES as well. 


[meant to be private to Mozenrath, guessed it...]
Whatever this thing is, at least part of its intent is obvious. It plans to *kssssshhhhhshhhh* by making us as frightened as possible. To that end, controlling our emotional reactions to this thing is just as important as looking for defenses against it.

[heavy, rasping breathing sounds]

Gardens. After dinner. We'll train regularly until controlling the fear reaction becomes easy.itwon'twork

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There seems a terrible need for diversion around here. There have been calls for both a tailgate party and a spa party. I can't manage either on my own. I have some help making them happen but could use a lot more if we're to do both things properly. Who is game?

[Warden Filter]
I need people to help taste test my margaritas. I've been practicing!

[Private to Mozenrath]
You're right, you know. About the importance of free will in matters of romance. The person I was was too singleminded and pushy. You can pretty much nix my whole argument to you while I was like that. I believe love's essential, but it is something a person comes to in their own time. I've been alone six years myself. I'm open to something happening, but I don't plan my whole future life around it and I'm not expecting you to either. Just letting you know I'm not going to go all full time amateur-cupid on you.

We should meet. Meditation practice, and some talk of future plans.

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That was a little bit amazing. I feel sad that so many are uncomfortable as a result of the announcement though.

[Private (and unusually lucid) to Mozenrath]
I imagine this must be uncomfortable for you, since you barely know me and I'm following up an especially excellent Warden. I think that making it not-uncomfortable should be my first job. To that end, I would like to invite you into my home.  Not even the other FreakAngels have seen it. There, we can have refreshment and you may ask me whatever you want. I won't insult you by simply deciding things. We should negotiate, and sort this out in a way we can both handle. You'll find I keep my promises.

For the record, I'm rather glad it's you. It's so much easier for me to explain things to someone both intelligent and mystical, and we got on all right.

[Private to Seven]
I have an Inmate now, but I still want to help you, and will set aside time for the work we discussed.

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Um, hullo. There's rather a lot of nasty things happening. I was wondering if anyone just needed someone neutral who is a good listener to talk at for a while. I'm available, and I'll keep things in confidence.  If you have a Warden you should probably confide in them first, ears work too, and a good number of people either don't have Wardens or are Wardens. So...the offer's open.

If you'd rather in person, we can meet somewhere. I can bring tea or coffee or beer or wine, and some of our lovely strawberries.

[Warden filter]
Does any department have any use for a teleporter? I can take two people with me and they do not have to be conscious. I could be a very good ambulance, for example.


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