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Well, it looks like the Admiral has gone poo all over my tailgate party idea, unless we really can make the CES into a parking lot with a stadium viewer. Does anyone have any other good group party ideas? I suggest we do it before whatever it is creeps into the CES as well. 


[meant to be private to Mozenrath, guessed it...]
Whatever this thing is, at least part of its intent is obvious. It plans to *kssssshhhhhshhhh* by making us as frightened as possible. To that end, controlling our emotional reactions to this thing is just as important as looking for defenses against it.

[heavy, rasping breathing sounds]

Gardens. After dinner. We'll train regularly until controlling the fear reaction becomes easy.itwon'twork

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That was a little bit amazing. I feel sad that so many are uncomfortable as a result of the announcement though.

[Private (and unusually lucid) to Mozenrath]
I imagine this must be uncomfortable for you, since you barely know me and I'm following up an especially excellent Warden. I think that making it not-uncomfortable should be my first job. To that end, I would like to invite you into my home.  Not even the other FreakAngels have seen it. There, we can have refreshment and you may ask me whatever you want. I won't insult you by simply deciding things. We should negotiate, and sort this out in a way we can both handle. You'll find I keep my promises.

For the record, I'm rather glad it's you. It's so much easier for me to explain things to someone both intelligent and mystical, and we got on all right.

[Private to Seven]
I have an Inmate now, but I still want to help you, and will set aside time for the work we discussed.


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