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He took away my Pub. All that hard work, and he took it away.

I'm sorry. I don't think I can fit everyone in my living room for drinks.

[spam for deck]
[Arkady is just going to be a sobbing disconsolate ball in the spot on the Deck where her pub was for a while.]

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 [A pair of Rhode Island Red chickens in bright blue cloth diapers march around the floor of the greenhouse. Arkady sits just under the rotunda in Lotus. The lights are dimmed to night-cycle, but soft purple light emanates--from her, for she is deep in meditation, her mind expanded to take in the overwhelming panorama of possible futures and worlds spread ahead of them. On the Barge, there have been so many possibilities that predicting the future is almost impossible, but that is no excuse to miss practice. She loves the changes to the greenhouse, and though she can't quite enjoy them in her current state, she's happy enough that they will be there when she opens her eyes.]

[She senses the minds on the Deck and withdraws slightly, dodging away from investigating their thoughts. She gets lonely sometimes, stuck within the confines of his own mind, but it is a small price to pay for the opportunities here.]
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[Arkady Collins, bestselling New Age author and crystal-waving hippie, has set up a row of little snowmen which are now wandering around her yard, some dancing, others caroling a bit off-key. There's also a giant snow-inchworm lumbering randomly across the property.

[She is tending to a banked bonfire worth of colds beneath an enormous fat-bellied cauldron full of steaming cider. She gives it a stir regularly, gives passerby drinks using a nearby stack of mugs, and occasionally adds to either the fire or the contents. The whole setup is bigger than she is, and she's even standing on an apple box to stir the cauldron. But she sets to it all cheerfully, and has a smile for passerby.]
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[The video switches on to reveal the inside of the sparkling-clean Pub. Part of the bar has been taken up with a set of coffee makers, a grinder, and an espresso steamer. Arkady is hurrying around tending to it all; the amount of coffee steam is impressive. She beams over her shoulder at the camera.]

Hullo! I have a little project I need some help on. Now's the season for hot drinks, and though my tea, cider and toddy are all presentable, I'd like some opinions on my coffee. If you're a lover of the bean and have some time today, please come by the deck near the Warden area, where I'll have a tasting booth set up. 

[Warden Filter]
Right. So. Besides coffee, I need help. Both short term help and long term help. We need two people to help me keep the pub running. Inmates should be fairly stable with no alcohol issues, and please let's arrange a meeting to make sure we all get along all right. I don't really need a bouncer.  Also, if anyone wants to spell me at the coffee booth for bits of time I'd be grateful, for I'll need to pop in and out of the pub to make more.

[Infirmary Filter]
You know, it would be an easy thing for me to pop in with a pot or two several times a day if you've no time to brew your own. I understand you're shorthanded right now and I'd like to help where I can. Coffee, tea, both? How strong do you take it?

[private to Seventh Doctor]
I have fresh eggs, and I just baked bread, and I have a lovely new tea-set I'd like to try out. Would you like to come over for a cuppa and some eggy toast? We don't have to talk about what's been going on if you don't wish, but I'd like to sit with you a while.

[spam for deck]
[Arkady made good on her offer and is now presiding over an impromptu stand backed against the wall of the Warden only area. On the tables, protected by a series of colorful umbrellas, are heated carafes of the various drinks--from various strengths of straight coffees to espresso to flavored mochas. Being her own ancestor the pubgirl has inspired her, and she buzzes around humming and filling mugs for people.

[Now and again as she catches a break the whim hits her and she squeaks and runs for the nearest snowdrift. *FOOMPH* And makes a snow angel.]
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[Arkady's sitting by the lake in the CES, legs crossed, an eager expression on her face as she peers into it.]

Hullo and hullo! Arkady here, is Whitechapel online?
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[warden filter]
Pub Night once a week sounds comforting in all this ugliness. Especially with the awesome new brews available! What day would 1011101101010100010

I think 10001010101010101111011010101011010110101010110101100 and congratulations to the both of you.

Also, with the blackouts, would it be advisable to tell people to avoid the elevator?

[spam for halls and stairs]
[Arkady has several strings of battery powered lights which she has looped around her neck and shoulders, draping herself in glowing pot leaves and pumpkins. She carries a pair of crank-powered electric lanterns, and wears a look of determination that clashes with the hippie-fairy look.]

[She is "listening" telepathically for the burst of surprise, consternation, annoyance and sometimes fear that heralds a blackout in a public area. When it happens, she teleports nearby and walks in through the nearest public access door to help lead the person where they are going.]

[She does this for a good chunk of the night, from about eight o'clock on.]

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There seems a terrible need for diversion around here. There have been calls for both a tailgate party and a spa party. I can't manage either on my own. I have some help making them happen but could use a lot more if we're to do both things properly. Who is game?

[Warden Filter]
I need people to help taste test my margaritas. I've been practicing!

[Private to Mozenrath]
You're right, you know. About the importance of free will in matters of romance. The person I was was too singleminded and pushy. You can pretty much nix my whole argument to you while I was like that. I believe love's essential, but it is something a person comes to in their own time. I've been alone six years myself. I'm open to something happening, but I don't plan my whole future life around it and I'm not expecting you to either. Just letting you know I'm not going to go all full time amateur-cupid on you.

We should meet. Meditation practice, and some talk of future plans.


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