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 [The shot is of the rowdy interior of the Lash: people drinking, dancing, some maniac sawing away on a fiddle, boots stomping--and Arkady's giggling in the background.]

Come on down, loves! Things are heating up around here and I've got two good hands to sling grog with! Don't tell me you're thinking of sleeping when there's fun to be had!

[Of course, Arkady herself is starting to long for a bit of sleep. Under the smile she is growing tired. A good barmaid has to be quick, cheery, keep a good memory and dodge pinches that come two or three thick at times. So eventually, she asks her cohorts to cover her while she ducks outside to grab some air. Once out the door, she finds a clear spot on the wall and leans against it, puffing out her breath and reaching up to rub her aching temples.]
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That was a little bit amazing. I feel sad that so many are uncomfortable as a result of the announcement though.

[Private (and unusually lucid) to Mozenrath]
I imagine this must be uncomfortable for you, since you barely know me and I'm following up an especially excellent Warden. I think that making it not-uncomfortable should be my first job. To that end, I would like to invite you into my home.  Not even the other FreakAngels have seen it. There, we can have refreshment and you may ask me whatever you want. I won't insult you by simply deciding things. We should negotiate, and sort this out in a way we can both handle. You'll find I keep my promises.

For the record, I'm rather glad it's you. It's so much easier for me to explain things to someone both intelligent and mystical, and we got on all right.

[Private to Seven]
I have an Inmate now, but I still want to help you, and will set aside time for the work we discussed.


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