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[private to Mozenrath]
If you wish to go off by yourself, you will do me the courtesy of asking me directly.

[Open spam]
[Arkady actually had no desire whatsoever to spend any more time with her Inmate than she had to. She was getting a little tired of having to chase him down all the time; she was sick of having to justify her value as a Warden to him; and frankly she was starting to wonder about the pairing. His relationships with Severus and Martha and his friends were obviously much more important to him than that with her, whether graduation was important to him or not. Nor had Martha followed through on contacting her to discuss Mozenrath and his situation. Feeling shut out by multiple people and very irritated about it, she needed a break from the Mozenrath situation, and soon.]

[She was lonely, and kept thinking across the Channel to London. But she knew that if she reached out with her mind her fellow FreakAngels would not be there. And no one around here cared to share minds with her; the lot of telepaths on the Barge were all paranoid and heavily shielded. It was isolating, and a little insulting. Was she considered not good enough to share minds with because she was basically human? How stupid.]

[So she found herself sitting at the edge of a fountain, alone, quietly reading the minds of those who came near without trying to talk back. It made her feel a little less lonely, and reminded her that there was a world outside the Barge which she was welcome to go back to. The rest of the clan probably missed her. She would not be missed here, would she? Discouraged, she tried to soothe herself with the happiness and excitement of the tourists around her.]


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