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Other Characters: Dracula, Wanda, Hannibal
Character Name: Arkady

Series: FreakAngels

Age: 23

From When?: Episode 120. All the FreakAngels have received their power upgrades, and all twelve are reunited. Arkady's brain has become a little less addled (important) but she has not yet realized that she does not have to touch people to teleport them.

Inmate/Warden: Warden. Arkady has a very strong moral compass, and her flighty personality masks a lot of empathy and intelligence. She is a quiet, but very effective, enforcer of Freakangels Law, which forbids the exploitation of humans by psychics. She is also used to working in a trouble-, weirdness- and violence-prone community, and consistently works for the greater good.

Item: Mood ring! Of course.

Abilities/Powers: Arkady is a powerful projective and receptive telepath, whose "bag of tricks" includes causing and repairing psychic damage, creating a psychic link, and knocking someone unconscious. She can teleport, taking up to two normal people with her (or all the FreakAngels) provided that they are touching. (On the Barge she cannot teleport into private rooms without invitation). Her precognitive abilities are powerful but very, very spotty even when she focuses on them, because the future is mutable and only certain events are "set" enough for her to perceive them. (On the Barge this will largely be used as a dispenser of plotbunnies and as a plot device; this requires OOC planning and permission from those involved.) Since her drowning death and "upgrade" (see below) she has learned to telepathically communicate with animals, and has developed a form of x-ray vision.

Personality: Arkady comes off as a sweet, but dotty and possibly immature young lady who is equal parts hippie freak, faerie/Delirium clone, and wise woman. A perpetually stoned and childlike Bodhisattva might come close, though sometimes she lapses into pure childishness. Like most of the FreakAngels she is a benevolent punk, semi-anarchic, into collective action and concerned with the greater good. Before her second "upgrade" she was considerably more scattered, wandering around in precognitive trances and then promptly forgetting where she had been, running around in a transparent skirt without underwear, and being equal parts helpful and distracting. These days, since her latest death experience, she has become a lot more balanced and helpful.

She is a psychonaut; of all the Freakangels she is the one most dedicated to exploring and expanding her psychic abilities. She spends hours in meditation, sometimes using alcohol (or anything besides injectables) as an entheogen to try and help expand her mind. (Vodka is a favorite, apparently.) Much of this time is specifically used to try and view the future, an exercise which requires extreme concentration and sometimes leaves her "tranced out" for a period afterward. During this time she will wander around being the cryptically mumbling seeress, often shocking people with her revelations--and then, especially before her upgrade, completely forgetting the incident. An example of this is her first appearance, wherein she is reminded that she walked through the market last week informing three people of the exact time and circumstances of their deaths.

She is an extreme eccentric, with quirks of speech (she literally speaks lolcat at times), dress (or lack thereof), movement and behavior that are endearing and unnerving in turns. Connor, another FreakAngel, describes her in the following way: "Arkady's going to seem a little spacey to you. And, truth is, she's not in her head much. But don't be fooled. Sometimes she's an acid casualty, sure, but sometimes she's sharper than anyone has a right to be."  Distractable as hell unless things are deadly serious, she has periods of fuzzyheadedness wherein she cannot tell her precognitive visions from things from the past or things people have told her. She learned to teleport months before she actually bothered to let the other FreakAngels know, and then once used it to bamf a fellow Freakangel out over the river for threatening her precious chikkens. Faced with that same FreakAngel's torture chamber, her only complaint while the rest of the Angels flipped out was "It smells of poo!" She has a habit of being myserious without meaning to be, merely because she spends so much time off meditating or pushing the limits of her powers, and will sometimes twig to a course of action without remembering to tell the others what she is doing or why. Invariably, however, her larger actions contribute to the greater good, even as her "Oo, a butterfly!" spaceyness makes her seem less reliable than she actually is.

People who are used to her usually find her warm, caring and very amusing; however, this requires a certain level of tolerance for her essential weirdness--for example, her tendency to poof in via teleportation without any warning whatsoever. She adores animals, and was delighted when she discovered that she could communicate with them telepathically. She likes children as well, and is very pro-people in general except when it comes to those who cause a lot of strife or threaten those she protects. She does not scare easily...except around corpses or poop.

She has an extremely strong moral compass, and is one of the most dedicated enforcers of Freakangels Law. In part this is because of guilt over her part in "ending the world" back in her teens; she was the one who proposed that all twelve FreakAngels combine their powers. She hates violence and the exploitation of others, and avoids/prevents/defuses it as much as she can, often by clever uses of teleportation and telepathy. For example, when she caught another FreakAngel trying to take over his ex girlfriend's mind, she stopped him, first with a warning and then by projecting one second of her teenage overdose experience into his mind, which knocked him so loopy that he left without incident.

She is a playful hedonist, enjoying alcohol and cannabis (both of which she tries to use as entheogens, to expand the boundaries of her powers; she never touches harder drugs since her overdose), teleporting around for fun, leaving random gifts, playing little pranks, popping in with bits of wisdom or weirdness and then popping out again, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life with an enthusiasm that more jaded FreakAngels (and people in general) can't really understand, but often find amusing. She can find happiness in very bleak circumstances, while working to make them less bleak.

Arkady's Wish is to help the FreakAngels save and protect the people of Britain from outside forces while they rebuild their country. To this end, she is prepared to graduate as many Inmates as she can. Her Wardening style will likely be equal parts wise-woman, best friend, Tinkerbell and Jimminy Cricket, with a lot of popping in and out and possibly a bit of psychic monitoring. ("Oh noes, you're all sad! What's wrong?") She will negotiate boundaries with the Inmate so as to get through to them without seeming invasive, but no force in the multiverse can stop her from being a playful little weirdie about it.

How exactly she will Warden depends in part upon who she is connected to. As a psychic sensitive she will be driven to tailor her approach heavily. A psychic would receive lessons while being taught the necessity of ethics through intensive psychic-link sessions. Those looking for an advantage or angle on the Barge will find themselves with a helpful teleporter and psychic at their disposal...but one who does things on her terms and will always guide him or her back towards a gentler and less antisocial path. A particularly violent or sociopathic Inmate might be forced to relive the experiences of victims similar to his, especially if he needs to be incapacitated. Coffee addicts will get a Coffee Fairy. Those missing their loved ones will get assistance in "checking up" on them. Arkady's psychic abilities and innate wisdom give her a wide variety of carrots and sticks to use on her Inmate while remaining essentially a biffie and relatively gentle guide.

Her perception of Redemption is simply this: a person can be fierce, selfish, even rather mad, and still be redeemed if they learn to function as part of their community without doing more harm than the average person. What can be fixed in a person should be fixed, to help them function and be happy, but a lot of redemption, to her, is learning to live with oneself and the world. She has discovered that often, as is the case with two of her fellow Freakangels, wickedness is a direct result of inner sickness, pain and fear. At the heart, therefore, she sees her Warden's purpose first as healer, and second as guide.

Arkady will desperately miss the other FreakAngels, but is determined to see through her stay on the Barge. She will be psychically lonely, and will seek out other minds to connect with. She is likely to either gather a menagerie for company and to send messages, or possibly simply befriend every pet on the Barge. Regular meditation, socializing and imbibing of alcohol are all seen as equally important to her psychonaut practice, so there will be a lot of that. Mostly, though, her life will center around her Inmate and any ongoing problems on the Barge.

Twenty-three years ago, twelve pale, purple-eyed children were all born at the same moment in a flat little village in England. Arkady, who would become the most powerful of them, was born to a pair of extremely stoned hippies; when asked to name her new child her mother declared, "Ah! A child of Arcadia!".

Linked mentally as well as by fate, this strange clan of kids lived a relatively normal life until around age fifteen, attending school, growing up, experimenting with sex and drugs and generally heading toward a disaffected youth similar to many kids their age. Arkady was the most interested in their powers, experimenting with drugs as entheogens. This led to her literally dying of an overdose when she was fifteen. But the FreakAngels, as they would eventually learn, do not die; instead, their bodies repair themselves, while their minds experience intense visions and an "upgrade" of their psychic abilities. Though the "upgrade" helped Arkady considerably later on, the experience was so terrifying that she never touched hard drugs again.

All the FreakAngels were very close, which was what held them together when their parents capitulated to the government and surrendered custody. The FreakAngels were packed off to a government facility for experimentation, an experience none of them talk about. At seventeen, they escaped and went on the run together. The army was called out to hunt them down, resulting in several psychically-fueled skirmishes that killed many soldiers and left the FreakAngels desperate and exhausted. Finally, Arkady brought up the fact that if all twelve of them linked minds and powers, they would be exponentially more powerful and would be able to "do something" to stop the military for good.

Unfortunately, these scared teenagers chose to lash out without thought of the consequences, making "a hole in the world" which caused massive earthquakes, subsidences and flooding througout Britain and, possibly, the world. The "hole" also seemed to alter spacetime to some degree, although that is only touched on in the books. London flooded with twenty feet of water, and its various patches of high ground became islands with the Thames in between. Britain's infrastructure was completely wrecked, its government and economy collapsed, and the population descended into anarchy.

Filled with remorse, the FreakAngels settled on one of the islands--Whitechapel--and after kicking out the rape-camp gang running the place, started helping the survivors rebuild. By the opening of the comic, six years later, Whitechapel is a stable community with water purification, law enforcement, a 24-hour watch for raiders, a medical clinic and a psychotherapist available, courtesy of the FreakAngels. Each one has a different job in the community, from head of the gardens, to chief salvager and two inventors/engineers. Arkady's "job" is to explore what the FreakAngels call "the package"--their genetic inheritance of powers and abilities--a role which becomes more crucial after two of their members become renegades and endanger the entire community.

The entire story of the Freakangels' life in Whitechapel is here: It is entirely online, and if you enjoy modern Western comics it is almost guaranteed to suck you in.

Arkady was contacted by the Admiral when it was discovered that outside military forces were converging on Whitechapel to investigate the area. Arkady agreed to come to the Barge, provided that she would return with a way of protecting Britain's shattered people from an outside conquest.

Sample Journal Entry: [5-10 Sentences]
[Have a spritely young bald woman in filmy clothes, perching on a scratched wooden desk and beaming at you.]

Hullo everybody! I'm Arkady, and I'm from the Island of Whitechapel. Of course, for most of you Whitechapel isn't an island, but we had a little problem with the Thames getting loose from its banks, and ever since then things have been a bit wet in London. Whitechapel has about twice as many people as this place, and we just took on a hundred more. We'll make do, though. We just need to pull together. [It's not clear whether she's speaking of Whitechapel or the Barge. Both maybe?]

I'll be up on Deck in the gardens if anyone wants to say hello! Yay flowers!

Sample RP: Arkady appeared suddenly by the shark tank and peered inside. "Hello Mr. Fishy!" She reached out for his mind, which was cool and sleek and predatory, with absolutely no wasted energy. Basically just a directional system for an appetite, but weirdly calming all the same. Even if it left her desperately in need of a snack...

Next she appeared in the lunch line, which caused a few shrieks. "Oh, sorry sorry!" she quickly caught the one dropped tray and handed it back to its owner. "Do they have cookies today?" she asked the stunned woman. She often forgot to eat, but the sharkie had reminded her, so now she wanted all the fruit and all the cookies. No meat. Sometimes when she tried to eat a hamburger, for example, she heard it go moo.

Back to Deck 5, where she noticed an Inmate locked out of his room and pounding in frustration on the door. She distracted him with a cookie and, after getting permission, popped inside for his keys. He had a noose hanging from the ceiling, and she took a moment to weaken the support rope before popping out to give him the keys. Her eyes were wide and innocent as she met his, and she mentioned nothing.

Half an hour later on the nose, she came by, pressed her ear to the door, and heard a creak, a thump, and swearing. Beaming, she turned around and disappeared again.

Finally, up on deck, where she went down on hands and knees to inspect what looked like every flower of the colour garden. "Lovely, lovely, these plants are such showoffs! Do you play music, little flower? But not for me. I wonder if someone will let me borrow their perceptions so I can hear the music too..."

Special Notes: According to FreakAngels canon, telepaths can be blocked from reading minds, and can be partially "tuned out" when they try to communicate, by wearing a tinfoil hat.


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