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[Arkady's sitting by the lake in the CES, legs crossed, an eager expression on her face as she peers into it.]

Hullo and hullo! Arkady here, is Whitechapel online?
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Um, hullo. There's rather a lot of nasty things happening. I was wondering if anyone just needed someone neutral who is a good listener to talk at for a while. I'm available, and I'll keep things in confidence.  If you have a Warden you should probably confide in them first, ears work too, and a good number of people either don't have Wardens or are Wardens. So...the offer's open.

If you'd rather in person, we can meet somewhere. I can bring tea or coffee or beer or wine, and some of our lovely strawberries.

[Warden filter]
Does any department have any use for a teleporter? I can take two people with me and they do not have to be conscious. I could be a very good ambulance, for example.
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[Have a spritely young bald woman in filmy clothes, perching on a scratched wooden desk and beaming at you. Her eyes are bright, bright purple and almost seem to glow slightly, and she is very pale.]

Hullo everybody! I'm Arkady, and I'm from the Island of Whitechapel. Of course, for most of you Whitechapel isn't an island, but we had a little problem with the Thames getting loose from its banks, and ever since then things have been a bit wet in London. Whitechapel has about twice as many people as this place, and we just took on a hundred more. We'll make do, though. We just need to pull together. [It's not clear whether she's speaking of Whitechapel or the Barge. Both maybe?]

I'm to be a Warden here, and if there's a need for help anywhere, do let me know! [She pauses, blinks at the screen, and then leeeeans forward and peers into it as if she can see some of you on the other side. A giggle; the purple eyes blink and she pulls back again.]

I'll be up on Deck in the gardens if anyone wants to say hello! Yay flowers!

[A few seconds later she literally appears a few feet from the Colour Garden, which she immediately crouches down to inspect.] Hello flowers!


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