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[Sir Bertie Rooster peers down at the camera from where he's towering over its wielder, tilting his head back and forth as he considers his now tiny Mom. Arkady for her part giggles threadily at his confusion, then squeaks,]

Well! Clearly there's only one way to handle this situation!

[There is a faint flash of purple light, and Bertie suddenly calms, and settles down into a roost. The image blurs as Arkady hooks her communicator to her belt, runs over and proceeds to climb the chicken-mountain with little grunts. Once settled gripping his ruff, she gets out the communicator again and shows the view from the rooster's back.]

Onward, my chikken!

[And off he goes, walking out the door (which had been fortunately ajar) and wandering out into the hallway, occasionally letting out a rumbly cluck.]

Touko dear? Are you all right? I'm coming to check on you. 
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 [Arkady is sitting cheerily on her sofa in her apartment, with a pair of sleepy chickens on her lap.] The air is slightly aswirl with what one can only hope is incense smoke.]

Hello dears. Won't be at the pub today until the night shift, so if you're bored or have need of me come seek me out in my cabin. 

[private to Kay]
Well, I pulled the twins! [She actually sounds cheerfully optimistic about this.] If you have any questions, advice or opinions I'd love to hear them.

[private to Scrad and Charlie]
Hullo lads. I want to catch up with you before we drag file-readings or formalities into this, all right? Please come by my cabin. 

[seperate privates to Tony, Reaver and Franlin]
Are you all right, luv?

[spam for Level 2]
[The door to 2-8 is propped open. Also festooned with teensy Christmas lights. There's a faint smell of incense and...birdiness...coming from within. Arkady putters around humming, feeding her fish and tidying up the place a bit.] 

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 [A pair of Rhode Island Red chickens in bright blue cloth diapers march around the floor of the greenhouse. Arkady sits just under the rotunda in Lotus. The lights are dimmed to night-cycle, but soft purple light emanates--from her, for she is deep in meditation, her mind expanded to take in the overwhelming panorama of possible futures and worlds spread ahead of them. On the Barge, there have been so many possibilities that predicting the future is almost impossible, but that is no excuse to miss practice. She loves the changes to the greenhouse, and though she can't quite enjoy them in her current state, she's happy enough that they will be there when she opens her eyes.]

[She senses the minds on the Deck and withdraws slightly, dodging away from investigating their thoughts. She gets lonely sometimes, stuck within the confines of his own mind, but it is a small price to pay for the opportunities here.]
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[Accidental Video]
[The angle is from the floor of Arkady's front room: there's a slice of Oriental carpeted floor, and the leg of a coffee table.]

[A familiar pair of bare feet runs by the camera]

[Female giggling]

[Teeny tiny voices giggling]

[Running feet thump fast again]

[Small crash and shriek of laughter]

[A large red hen wanders up to the camera and peers into it. *blinkblink* *bok*]

[A bit later...]
[Arkady is laughing as she picks up her communicator.]

Hullo loves! In case anyone needs a distraction, I'm doing a bit of research. What's your favorite drink? It doesn't have to be alcoholic. Recipes are appreciated!

[Warden Filter]
Right! So, is anyone running the pub anymore? If not, does anyone mind if I do? I will need assistance if I do this but not much.


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