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 Hello loves!

[Arkady appears on screen in a straw hat decorated with peacock feathers, with a fake mustache made of the same feathers held to her upper lip.]

A very clever fellow I met recently posed the question: why is there no live music in the pub? Perhaps we can fix this. Do we have any musicians on board whom I can lure out of the closet?

[spam for pub]
[Arkady is humming as she wanders around, putting single daisies in bud vases on the tables between serving drinks. She seems just a little dreamy and spaced out, and teleports more than usual to get around the room, forgetting herself. La la la...]
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[Arkady Collins, bestselling New Age author and crystal-waving hippie, has set up a row of little snowmen which are now wandering around her yard, some dancing, others caroling a bit off-key. There's also a giant snow-inchworm lumbering randomly across the property.

[She is tending to a banked bonfire worth of colds beneath an enormous fat-bellied cauldron full of steaming cider. She gives it a stir regularly, gives passerby drinks using a nearby stack of mugs, and occasionally adds to either the fire or the contents. The whole setup is bigger than she is, and she's even standing on an apple box to stir the cauldron. But she sets to it all cheerfully, and has a smile for passerby.]
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[The video switches on to reveal the inside of the sparkling-clean Pub. Part of the bar has been taken up with a set of coffee makers, a grinder, and an espresso steamer. Arkady is hurrying around tending to it all; the amount of coffee steam is impressive. She beams over her shoulder at the camera.]

Hullo! I have a little project I need some help on. Now's the season for hot drinks, and though my tea, cider and toddy are all presentable, I'd like some opinions on my coffee. If you're a lover of the bean and have some time today, please come by the deck near the Warden area, where I'll have a tasting booth set up. 

[Warden Filter]
Right. So. Besides coffee, I need help. Both short term help and long term help. We need two people to help me keep the pub running. Inmates should be fairly stable with no alcohol issues, and please let's arrange a meeting to make sure we all get along all right. I don't really need a bouncer.  Also, if anyone wants to spell me at the coffee booth for bits of time I'd be grateful, for I'll need to pop in and out of the pub to make more.

[Infirmary Filter]
You know, it would be an easy thing for me to pop in with a pot or two several times a day if you've no time to brew your own. I understand you're shorthanded right now and I'd like to help where I can. Coffee, tea, both? How strong do you take it?

[private to Seventh Doctor]
I have fresh eggs, and I just baked bread, and I have a lovely new tea-set I'd like to try out. Would you like to come over for a cuppa and some eggy toast? We don't have to talk about what's been going on if you don't wish, but I'd like to sit with you a while.

[spam for deck]
[Arkady made good on her offer and is now presiding over an impromptu stand backed against the wall of the Warden only area. On the tables, protected by a series of colorful umbrellas, are heated carafes of the various drinks--from various strengths of straight coffees to espresso to flavored mochas. Being her own ancestor the pubgirl has inspired her, and she buzzes around humming and filling mugs for people.

[Now and again as she catches a break the whim hits her and she squeaks and runs for the nearest snowdrift. *FOOMPH* And makes a snow angel.]
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I'm holding a group meditation on deck this evening after dinner if any of you are interested. 

[incredibly generous friends filter]
Hullo! I have a present for you. You can pick it up in my cabin. It will be a good excuse for me to pour tea into you and talk.

[warden filter]
Perhaps it would be a good idea to open up the pub as soon as people have healed up enough to enjoy it. I'm willing to step behind the bar and help the usual staff mix drinks to handle the extra bodies.

Also: emergency kits. These saved lives in Whitechapel and may do so here. Even with the proper Admiral back, things happen here. People may be trapped in their rooms again. Many of you use variations on the idea already, but wouldn't it make sense to put in an organized effort to supply everyone with one? The basic kit is four gallons of water per person, nonperishable food for a week, some basic bandages, a police whistle and a light source.

[Private to the Admiral]
Please restore Xerxes. Poor little thing. 

Also, if it is not too much trouble, I'd like forty cakes of Lorien Waybread, twenty sturdy four-gallon water containers, and twenty wind-up lanterns. I'm on a mission.

And...well, I don't know if anyone's asked this yet, but are you doing all right, luv?

[Spam for deck]
[Arkady took down all her light strings from the stairwell, changed the batteries, and is now stringing them up on the garden arbors and fences and around the entrances to the greenhouses, humming quietly as she goes. She knows not many people may show up for the meditation, but that isn't the point. The point is that some will show, and need some guidance and comfort. And that is enough. She hums softly and tunelessly as she works.]
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[warden filter]
Pub Night once a week sounds comforting in all this ugliness. Especially with the awesome new brews available! What day would 1011101101010100010

I think 10001010101010101111011010101011010110101010110101100 and congratulations to the both of you.

Also, with the blackouts, would it be advisable to tell people to avoid the elevator?

[spam for halls and stairs]
[Arkady has several strings of battery powered lights which she has looped around her neck and shoulders, draping herself in glowing pot leaves and pumpkins. She carries a pair of crank-powered electric lanterns, and wears a look of determination that clashes with the hippie-fairy look.]

[She is "listening" telepathically for the burst of surprise, consternation, annoyance and sometimes fear that heralds a blackout in a public area. When it happens, she teleports nearby and walks in through the nearest public access door to help lead the person where they are going.]

[She does this for a good chunk of the night, from about eight o'clock on.]

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Um, hullo. There's rather a lot of nasty things happening. I was wondering if anyone just needed someone neutral who is a good listener to talk at for a while. I'm available, and I'll keep things in confidence.  If you have a Warden you should probably confide in them first, ears work too, and a good number of people either don't have Wardens or are Wardens. So...the offer's open.

If you'd rather in person, we can meet somewhere. I can bring tea or coffee or beer or wine, and some of our lovely strawberries.

[Warden filter]
Does any department have any use for a teleporter? I can take two people with me and they do not have to be conscious. I could be a very good ambulance, for example.


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