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He took away my Pub. All that hard work, and he took it away.

I'm sorry. I don't think I can fit everyone in my living room for drinks.

[spam for deck]
[Arkady is just going to be a sobbing disconsolate ball in the spot on the Deck where her pub was for a while.]

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[Arkady looks...very tired. Her eyes are sunken and a little glazed, as if she hasn't slept. She has a pair of chickens on the couch with her, both hunkered down drowsy, and a somewhat large basket of eggs on her lap.]

Um...Lady Bertina's been busy lately, and I'm not sure I can eat all of these. Does anyone have a use for eggs?

[private to Touko]
Come down for tea! I've a homework assignment for you.

I do hope Junko has not been giving you more trouble. Giving people trouble seems to be what she does in life.

[Pub Spam]
[Arkady has seemed subdued these last few days, only making appearances during her shifts, and not being social much at all. She goes quietly about her duties in the pub, her usual cheery distractedness gone, but still bent on looking after people as best she can.

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(Backdated to Saturday)

 [private to Touko]
Miss Fukawa dear, this is your new Warden checking in on you. I noticed that troubling broadcast earlier and wanted to make certain you were all right.

[spam for pub]
[Arkady is now fussing around with several crockpots' worth of egg nog. She seems determined to fatten everyone up for winter.]

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[Arkady is patching one of her filmy skirts for the umpteenth time, using squares of purple velvet and blue gauze. A fat red hen sleeps on the ratty blue couch next to her.]

Oh hullo! This is Arkady. Is anyone out there today?

[private to Scrad and Charlie]
Are you doing all right? I'm sorry about scattering my marbles all over that conversation.

[pub spam]
[Arkady hums as she putters around filling drink orders. In between, she is working on some new drink formulas. One of them is bubbling furiously and another is a deep ruby. She sniffs them experimentally and then tries the red.]

Not enough lemon.
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 [Arkady can't sleep, so she's in the Pub late, mixing drinks and then teleporting them over to the tables. She's still having trouble walking more than a few steps, and leans on whatever is nearby when she stands. For once her exhaustion and stress is as plain on her face as the bruises against her pale skin.]
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 [Arkady's standing in one of the hallways, looking a little lost.]

...Oh. So this is what it feels like.

Um...Dr. House's door has returned to Barge normal. So...he's left us. 

[She hopes it just means he woke up on the damn operating table. She has to convince herself that that's what happened.]

I'll be down the pub if anyone needs anything.

[Friends filter]
I could use a hug. I'll be all right, but I could still use a hug.

[Private for Reaver]
So I heard you're interested in our little establishment. Well, there's a bit of learning involved and I'm happy to help with that. Perhaps we should start with a tasting?

[Spam for pub]
[Arkady is puttering around, teleporting now and again to save time or rescue a dropped glass. She's clearly coping with her loss, but wears the occasional sadface. She's pretty much letting in anyone who knocks.]
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 Hullo loves! This is Arkady of the FreakAngels, calling from the Barge. Who's out there?

As for everyone here, I know some of you won't be sleeping much with all these calls, so the coffee and hot drinks bar's open and running along with everything else down the pub. As long as everyone behaves I'll let anyone in.
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 Pub's back open, if anyone needs anything.

[Generous Friends Filter]
Everyone all right, then? I've invented a few new drinks if anyone feels like sampling.

[private to House]
Right. Well, you've had more than enough time to get settled. And now that you're in need of both work and a new dispensation method for your medicine, it is time we talked.

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 [The camera pulls in tight on a banana split dish full of vanilla ice cream scoops. Arkady, humming, picks up a bottle of Kahlua and starts drizzling it over a section of the "sundae". Then Godiva liqueur for the middle. Finally, on the end, Bailey's.]

Ladies an' gentlemen and such, I give you: the Triple Threat. New invention of mine. Now in order to mass produce these lovelies, I'll need some supplies from the kitchen and one or two extra sets of hands. Once that is set up, I'm opening up the pub for a night that doesn't have the police-state rules. Right? Right. 

[private to Dr. House]
I have a proposition for you.

[Arkady is popping around the room like the alcohol fairy, making sure everyone is set up. Now that the regulars are more or less used to her teleporting ways she can tend bar a lot more efficiently.]
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 Hello loves!

[Arkady appears on screen in a straw hat decorated with peacock feathers, with a fake mustache made of the same feathers held to her upper lip.]

A very clever fellow I met recently posed the question: why is there no live music in the pub? Perhaps we can fix this. Do we have any musicians on board whom I can lure out of the closet?

[spam for pub]
[Arkady is humming as she wanders around, putting single daisies in bud vases on the tables between serving drinks. She seems just a little dreamy and spaced out, and teleports more than usual to get around the room, forgetting herself. La la la...]
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 [The shot is of the rowdy interior of the Lash: people drinking, dancing, some maniac sawing away on a fiddle, boots stomping--and Arkady's giggling in the background.]

Come on down, loves! Things are heating up around here and I've got two good hands to sling grog with! Don't tell me you're thinking of sleeping when there's fun to be had!

[Of course, Arkady herself is starting to long for a bit of sleep. Under the smile she is growing tired. A good barmaid has to be quick, cheery, keep a good memory and dodge pinches that come two or three thick at times. So eventually, she asks her cohorts to cover her while she ducks outside to grab some air. Once out the door, she finds a clear spot on the wall and leans against it, puffing out her breath and reaching up to rub her aching temples.]
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[The video switches on to reveal the inside of the sparkling-clean Pub. Part of the bar has been taken up with a set of coffee makers, a grinder, and an espresso steamer. Arkady is hurrying around tending to it all; the amount of coffee steam is impressive. She beams over her shoulder at the camera.]

Hullo! I have a little project I need some help on. Now's the season for hot drinks, and though my tea, cider and toddy are all presentable, I'd like some opinions on my coffee. If you're a lover of the bean and have some time today, please come by the deck near the Warden area, where I'll have a tasting booth set up. 

[Warden Filter]
Right. So. Besides coffee, I need help. Both short term help and long term help. We need two people to help me keep the pub running. Inmates should be fairly stable with no alcohol issues, and please let's arrange a meeting to make sure we all get along all right. I don't really need a bouncer.  Also, if anyone wants to spell me at the coffee booth for bits of time I'd be grateful, for I'll need to pop in and out of the pub to make more.

[Infirmary Filter]
You know, it would be an easy thing for me to pop in with a pot or two several times a day if you've no time to brew your own. I understand you're shorthanded right now and I'd like to help where I can. Coffee, tea, both? How strong do you take it?

[private to Seventh Doctor]
I have fresh eggs, and I just baked bread, and I have a lovely new tea-set I'd like to try out. Would you like to come over for a cuppa and some eggy toast? We don't have to talk about what's been going on if you don't wish, but I'd like to sit with you a while.

[spam for deck]
[Arkady made good on her offer and is now presiding over an impromptu stand backed against the wall of the Warden only area. On the tables, protected by a series of colorful umbrellas, are heated carafes of the various drinks--from various strengths of straight coffees to espresso to flavored mochas. Being her own ancestor the pubgirl has inspired her, and she buzzes around humming and filling mugs for people.

[Now and again as she catches a break the whim hits her and she squeaks and runs for the nearest snowdrift. *FOOMPH* And makes a snow angel.]
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[Accidental Video]
[The angle is from the floor of Arkady's front room: there's a slice of Oriental carpeted floor, and the leg of a coffee table.]

[A familiar pair of bare feet runs by the camera]

[Female giggling]

[Teeny tiny voices giggling]

[Running feet thump fast again]

[Small crash and shriek of laughter]

[A large red hen wanders up to the camera and peers into it. *blinkblink* *bok*]

[A bit later...]
[Arkady is laughing as she picks up her communicator.]

Hullo loves! In case anyone needs a distraction, I'm doing a bit of research. What's your favorite drink? It doesn't have to be alcoholic. Recipes are appreciated!

[Warden Filter]
Right! So, is anyone running the pub anymore? If not, does anyone mind if I do? I will need assistance if I do this but not much.


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