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 Hello loves! Sorry on the short notice but I had a lot to sort out. Tonight I'll be setting up for movies in the fore lounge on Level 2. We'll be watching a Tim Burton mini marathon. I'll be playing Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, and Corpse Bride. I'll be supplying drinks and munchies. We'll start around nine.  I would love it if someone helped me clean up after.

[Friends filter]
Anyone need anything? 

[private to Mariska]
If you want over for chicken time beforehand, please come tap on my door. I'm sure they'd like to see you.

[private to Scrad and Charlie]
Your game catalog's in. I also asked for a pile of gaming magazines. Pop by when you can. How are you doing?

[spam for Common Room]
Call it whistling in the dark. But she promised Mariska she would do a showing and she aims to keep it, even if there are some bad things going on. Perhaps people will take the opportunity to relax a little.

She sets up the Blu-Ray and sets out a couple of large bowls of popcorn, a snack plate of steak tartare and some glasses of lemonade. Anything else she plans to pop back into the pub for--literally.

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Hello loves. I'm going to be dividing my time down the pub, so if you need anything in there just message me.

Also, I um...made a great number of snowthings on the deck, if anyone should have the urge to come smash them.

[spam for infirmary]
[Arkady appears suddenly just outside the Infirmary door, carrying coffeemaking supplies. It's her guess that things have been so crazed that no one has had a chance to refill the coffee corner, and she quietly goes to do just that, threading easily through the infirmary. She's here to volunteer her time and powers; better that than more crying.]
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I'm holding a group meditation on deck this evening after dinner if any of you are interested. 

[incredibly generous friends filter]
Hullo! I have a present for you. You can pick it up in my cabin. It will be a good excuse for me to pour tea into you and talk.

[warden filter]
Perhaps it would be a good idea to open up the pub as soon as people have healed up enough to enjoy it. I'm willing to step behind the bar and help the usual staff mix drinks to handle the extra bodies.

Also: emergency kits. These saved lives in Whitechapel and may do so here. Even with the proper Admiral back, things happen here. People may be trapped in their rooms again. Many of you use variations on the idea already, but wouldn't it make sense to put in an organized effort to supply everyone with one? The basic kit is four gallons of water per person, nonperishable food for a week, some basic bandages, a police whistle and a light source.

[Private to the Admiral]
Please restore Xerxes. Poor little thing. 

Also, if it is not too much trouble, I'd like forty cakes of Lorien Waybread, twenty sturdy four-gallon water containers, and twenty wind-up lanterns. I'm on a mission.

And...well, I don't know if anyone's asked this yet, but are you doing all right, luv?

[Spam for deck]
[Arkady took down all her light strings from the stairwell, changed the batteries, and is now stringing them up on the garden arbors and fences and around the entrances to the greenhouses, humming quietly as she goes. She knows not many people may show up for the meditation, but that isn't the point. The point is that some will show, and need some guidance and comfort. And that is enough. She hums softly and tunelessly as she works.]
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[warden filter]
Pub Night once a week sounds comforting in all this ugliness. Especially with the awesome new brews available! What day would 1011101101010100010

I think 10001010101010101111011010101011010110101010110101100 and congratulations to the both of you.

Also, with the blackouts, would it be advisable to tell people to avoid the elevator?

[spam for halls and stairs]
[Arkady has several strings of battery powered lights which she has looped around her neck and shoulders, draping herself in glowing pot leaves and pumpkins. She carries a pair of crank-powered electric lanterns, and wears a look of determination that clashes with the hippie-fairy look.]

[She is "listening" telepathically for the burst of surprise, consternation, annoyance and sometimes fear that heralds a blackout in a public area. When it happens, she teleports nearby and walks in through the nearest public access door to help lead the person where they are going.]

[She does this for a good chunk of the night, from about eight o'clock on.]

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Well, it looks like the Admiral has gone poo all over my tailgate party idea, unless we really can make the CES into a parking lot with a stadium viewer. Does anyone have any other good group party ideas? I suggest we do it before whatever it is creeps into the CES as well. 


[meant to be private to Mozenrath, guessed it...]
Whatever this thing is, at least part of its intent is obvious. It plans to *kssssshhhhhshhhh* by making us as frightened as possible. To that end, controlling our emotional reactions to this thing is just as important as looking for defenses against it.

[heavy, rasping breathing sounds]

Gardens. After dinner. We'll train regularly until controlling the fear reaction becomes easy.itwon'twork

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There seems a terrible need for diversion around here. There have been calls for both a tailgate party and a spa party. I can't manage either on my own. I have some help making them happen but could use a lot more if we're to do both things properly. Who is game?

[Warden Filter]
I need people to help taste test my margaritas. I've been practicing!

[Private to Mozenrath]
You're right, you know. About the importance of free will in matters of romance. The person I was was too singleminded and pushy. You can pretty much nix my whole argument to you while I was like that. I believe love's essential, but it is something a person comes to in their own time. I've been alone six years myself. I'm open to something happening, but I don't plan my whole future life around it and I'm not expecting you to either. Just letting you know I'm not going to go all full time amateur-cupid on you.

We should meet. Meditation practice, and some talk of future plans.

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Um, hullo. There's rather a lot of nasty things happening. I was wondering if anyone just needed someone neutral who is a good listener to talk at for a while. I'm available, and I'll keep things in confidence.  If you have a Warden you should probably confide in them first, ears work too, and a good number of people either don't have Wardens or are Wardens. So...the offer's open.

If you'd rather in person, we can meet somewhere. I can bring tea or coffee or beer or wine, and some of our lovely strawberries.

[Warden filter]
Does any department have any use for a teleporter? I can take two people with me and they do not have to be conscious. I could be a very good ambulance, for example.


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